Gathered Advice

Working in Silicon Valley means I get to meet some amazing people. Everyone with their own stories and experiences. I love listening to these stories and following it up with a question about one piece of advice they would give me. From being a bright eyed new grad in her first full time job to mentoring other new grads, I try to follow the advice given by people I have met or read online everyday.  I hope in writing this post I will follow them more often than not and it serves as a reminder to me. Here are the ones which stood out to me –

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How NLP Is Teaching Computers The Meaning Of Words

Humans are good at conversations. We understand what someone means when they say something and can understand when a word like “bank” is used in the context of a financial institute or a river bank. We use the power of logical, linguistic, emotional reasoning and understanding in order to respond during conversations.

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Re-evaluating Women in Tech

Recently, a friend of mine sent me a link to a Women in Tech event and asked me if I wanted to attend it. A look at the agenda and the speakers lined up got me thinking of what we consider women in tech to be . As a resident of the Silicon Valley where there’s a tech company every few blocks, I know that the perception an outsider has is that everyone who works here is “technical”. But for someone who works in this industry, I know that isn’t the case.

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